About us


From cotton fiber to finished product.

Company FE LLC “Osborn Textile” produces and sells high-quality textile products for you. We offer bath products made from 100% cotton fiber, which is absolutely safe and adds its own unique charm to the atmosphere of your home or office. Also on your order for all types of products purchased from us embroidery may be applied.

All process is controlled by us. Products are made from our own dyed yarn, ie, we can guarantee a long life of bright colors.


Our company focuses on the textile products of the highest quality.

The interests of our clients are important to us, we strive to deliver the goods you have purchased as soon as possible.

On this day we are creating products for bath and other textile products for hotels, clubs, restaurants, cafes, salons beauty, SPA-salons, and saunas. With us,  you can be confident in the quality of products.


Terry products with a logo – your assurance of quality and style!

Construction of different ornaments and embroidery on the products we offer – a special area of ??our business. Buying textile products for your business, you are worried about your own customers. However, neatly embroidered on a towel or other symbol name of your company makes these things in an elegant marketing media, indicating the highest level of your business.


Buying our products, you get the convenience and comfort!

The main aspects of our company are providing good service to customers and guarantee the highest quality of products. We are passionate about the creation and implementation of terry cloth, quite a long time and well aware that our products are probably the best way – to provide beauty, comfort, and safety for our customers.

Our bath products, an indispensable attribute, which creates an atmosphere of family comfort. Manufactured from 100% cotton fiber, terry products of Mirelle completely in tune with the personal nature of man, gently and naturally take care of your body. Quality, design and an abundance of colors will not leave you impassive.